Change of Seasons at Deep Canyon

November 17th, 2015 by Deep Canyon Ranch

Here at Deep Canyon the words “change of season” have a couple different meanings.  The most obvious change is the daily and nightly temperatures that prompt the change in foliage color here in the canyon.  We were fortunate this fall to keep our golden leaves a little longer.  September and October were beautiful months for horseback riding and we enjoyed the warm indian summer days. The winter winds and snow are on their way, and with a good supply of firewood, a stack of books to read, and anxious emails to answer from folks wanting to visit the ranch next summer, I am ready to settle in for a few months.

The other change of season is the transition from guest season to winter.  While we love the guest season, and the friendships we make, I have to admit that I look forward to enjoying my own home for a few months. Catching up with some much needed “lap” and hiking time with my dogs, cooking for only 2 and sleeping in.  People ask what we do all winter.  I simply tell them that somebody needs to watch the snow fall!

I always look forward to the change of seasons.  I love our seasons in Montana and at Deep Canyon Guest Ranch!