Horse Whisperer’s Apprentice

May 21st, 2016 by Deep Canyon Ranch

Horse Whisperer’s Apprentice

There are many things I have learned in the two weeks I have been here in Montana. Some things have been really hard and some have been really wonderful. I came into this Northern adventure knowing that God must have some big things in store for me, as there was no other explanation for the longing I felt in my soul to be here in Montana, and specifically at Deep Canyon Ranch.

The first and most difficult thing I am learning is this: Some things just take time. 

There is a girl here, Baylee. She is my counterpart wrangler and we could not be any more different. Her spirit is one of complete abandon. Her long, beautifully colored red, purple and blue hair flies behind her as she fearlessly jumps on any steed. At any moment she has any array of stones around her neck or in her pocket. Her pokemon tattoo so affectionately peeks out when she feels so inclined to share it. She is a self proclaimed mermaid cowgirl and unabashedly shares her love for princesses and anything outside of mainstream normalcy. She is truly a beautiful person. Our friendship is the most unlikely of friendships, and yet it works so well. She is the resident horse whisperer and she has appointed me as her apprentice.


Baylee has a way with horses I have never seen. She seems to feel what they feel and know what they think. She is such a deep feeler in every way. There is so much depth to this brilliantly colored woman and she seems to share in the soul of a horse. And while she thinks she has just taught me about horse training, really she has taught me a lot about life and, unknowingly, the character of God.

We were talking the other day after she worked with Ruger, a young and nervous horse that we have been riding. She was telling of how its a delicate balance when training a horse and giving them confidence in themselves and trust in you. That we can’t expect a horse to go from step 1 to 100 in a day or even a week. There are stages and small, tiny victories that we must celebrate along the way. If a horse makes a small step forward, that is enough to let them celebrate, and it is important to end each day on a positive note with them. It takes time for them to grow and while all the hard work of training will eventually bring about a reliable horse, there is long growth stage.